Legend of Himari

Legend of Himari
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Legend of Himari - arcade pixel art on android, where you will manage a small heroine and destroy monsters.Navigate through dangerous worlds, and fight monsters and evil enemies that will attack on you from all sides.Move back and forth and do not let the enemy get close to you.Fight your enemies using the incredible abilities of the heroine, and magic to defeat the hordes of monsters.Explore the new characters and unlock the incredible location of dark forests, high mountains and various towns, where you will lie in wait for the new hordes of monsters and enemies.Apply combo attacks that will allow you to enhance their attacks and attacks.

Russian language: no

- New menu;
- A new level of complexity - " Normal ". The last mode is pronounced as " Easy ";
- New table of records;
- Enemies are changed every 10 levels;
- More music!
- Possibility to get one more chance for the stars.

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