Laserbreak 2 Pro

series of logic puzzles based on the laws of physics, or rather the branch of optics, Laserbreak gained immense popularity due to exciting gameplay, combining the ease of understanding and difficulty levels.This approach slowly and carefully pass level after level, building their own transmission model.Dozens of unique levels, unusual objects and materials, all of this enables us to take a fresh look at familiar gameplay.The series goes back a number of all kinds of variations and each of them is something new.
Laserbreak 2 Pro - Premium version of the second part Laserbreak, in which you get new levels, only about 120 new objects, additional features and functionality, and of course get rid of annoying advertising.

Russian language: no

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What black box?
What black box?

Puzzle game where you have to guess what is hidden in the black box.

22 Aug370