OS: Android 2.1
Category: Multimedia

LaPlayer - excellent audio player for Android devices from the developer Dmitriy Lapayev, which is a wrapper for the downloaded audio files.The application contains three main windows: albums, audio tracks and playlists.Search for audio files is carried out both in the media base and to an external device storage directories.To enter the mode "folder of the player" must be selected in the "Search Folders" menu.The application contains a large number of opportunities, which in turn will not leave anyone indifferent to this audio player.Enjoy!

  • function stops playback at the following events: incoming call, the headset off, disconnect the external storage device;
  • Continuing playback after a phone call;
  • Opening audio files from other applications;
  • Playlist operations: adding a track to the selected playlist( long press on an item song list), add multiple tracks in a playlist, change the playback order of tracks, track removal from the list, create a new list, the delete, rename the list;
  • Widget, including device lock screen( Android 4.2 and above);
  • support wire one-key headset( headset hook: Play | Pause);
  • support multimedia headsets for devices based on the Android OS from version 2.2( buttons: Next, Previous, Play | Pause), was tested for the Nokia BH-214( bluetooth);
  • search feature audio tracks by song name or album |artist name;
  • Display album artwork and the ability to save images from the tag to the JPEG-file( stored in the album directory);
  • Ability to delete files from the SD-card;
  • Set the selected song as a ringing phone call;
  • Equalizer( with bass boost) and visualization of audio data to devices based on Android OS from version 2.3;
  • lists alphabetically Sort( audio file name);
  • Sort lists by number of tracks( track number from Mp3Tag);
  • Creating a list of all tracks;
  • Rename audio files;
  • ability to share music( share via);
  • application Move to SD-card;
  • Displays the current list of sound overall time |album;
  • Multiple choice of audio tracks to add to the playlist;
  • shuffle mode tracks the current list;
  • off timer and the ability to stop the player when there is no lighting.

  • Refresh - refresh the current page |go to the current play list or album;
  • Search Folders - Search Folders with the audio files( on the external drive, the default: "/ sdcard");
  • Download - display the list of albums and tracks that are available for download;
  • Artists - Creating a list of tracks for a selected artist;
  • Preferences - application settings;
  • Bluetooth - Bluetooth settings display adapter;
  • Wi-Fi - display settings Wi-Fi adapter.

Russian language: yes

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