LAMP: Day&Night

LAMP: Day&Night
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

LAMP: Day & Night - arcade platformer whose plot develops in an alternate universe.In times when the world was just beginning to emerge is a huge number of global catastrophes, as they occur for reasons of confrontation between two sisters representing the forces of light and darkness.Later it was decided to divide time into day and night, and each of the sisters got her period of time.But then the unexpected happened all the light was gone and a white sister sends to the ground being able to return the balance, it is in the role of a mysterious character and you have to play.The entire game is divided into levels, each of which consists of a series of horizontal locations passing that you have to use not only agility, but also intelligence.

Russian language: no

- Added Thai
- New boss
- Skipping text
- Fixed bugs
- Fixed bugs

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