Kritika: Chaos Unleashed

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Rpg

Kritika: Chaos Unleashed - Gorgeous RPG from the company Gamevil.Choose a player and acts as a surprisingly fascinating journey. In game two character classes: strong and powerful warrior Berserker, or quick and agile acrobat. Of the minuses of the game it can be noted only constant access to the Internet.But thanks to this game there is a special online modes.

Russian language: yes
cache Startup: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: No

- Added a mode of " Underworld "( 98 stages)
- Added 11 elite stages
- Improved Berserker class
- Changed class season
- Various improvements and fixes bugs
- Added new quality items - unearthly +
- Improved raid on the global boss
- New avatar
- Changed class season
- Improved client performance and server
- Added awakened skill for teaser
- new pet( Moloch)
- Fixed bugs

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Total: 702
Cash game to Kritika: Chaos Unleashed: Swing through the application
26 May1500


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