Kaspersky Tablet Security

Kaspersky Tablet Security
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Other
Tags: antivirus

Kaspersky Tablet Security - it's incredibly tricky defense, the issued specifically for you, the owners of Android tablets from Kaspersky Lab developers.Do not eat the resources of your android device and works in real time, so that even a fly does not slip unnoticed!=)

  • protection against malware and Internet ugoz of cloud service Kaspersky Security Network
  • "Anti-Theft" to protect against loss and theft.As well as "Secret Photos" a person who uses your missing tablet.Made using the front camera images are automatically transferred to a web portal, which is activated funktsiy- Block, Data Wipe, search and secret ph
  • Small on volume database updates that does not slow down the work.
  • Scan applications downloaded from the Android Market
  • Availability widget for the desktop allows you to see the state of the protection system
  • And more

Russian language: yes

Download Programs Kaspersky Tablet Security on android for free

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