Jedi Academy Touch

Jedi Academy Touch
OS: Android 3.0
Category: Action

Jedi Academy Touch - The famous game of the film Star Wars, once conquered millions of hearts came on android. The game is not a full port, specifically ported to Android OS, you can only play through the internal emulator. It is not quite a perfect control of the game, but if you get used to, goes quite playable.

Russian language: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: No
Startup cache: no

- Fixed a scrolling graph weapons for DL- 44 Blaster Pistol.
- Fixed scrolling arms broken in the past

Download Games Jedi Academy Touch on android for free

Cache for the game Jedi Academy Touch: folder from the archive to unpack /sdcard/
- should get so /sdcard/Beloko/JK3/
- the size of the decompressed cache 1.2GB
20 Jan48980


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