Iron Jack

Iron Jack
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Action
Tags: 3d

Iron Jack - platformer for Android takes you to the planet of robots.Space Carrier Jack waking up after the accident, is not on board his zvedoleta cargo - fuel, which he was carrying.Help Jack to find fuel and get off the planet.A merry planet - it live robots, which is very suitable fuel, and so they just do not give it.So you will have to work hard to get things done!To move on the planet you're using a jet backpack!You will:
  • movement across the globe in search of fuel
  • prosecution robots
  • crumbling old structures norovyaschie fill protagonist
  • 134 levels and 4 sectors
  • to choose from 10 kinds of weapons
Well, you card in hand- the idea and the goal is clear, Iron Jack needs your help!

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17 Jul530


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