Hugo Troll Race

Hugo Games Studio developer is familiar to owners of devices with a molar series about a troll Kuzyu games.The series includes the strategy and the quest's Hugo Games has decided to please gamers with colorful Rahner most famous troll in the title role.And it's not an allegation in fact in the early 90's the game show looked more than 400 million viewers.And so about the game itself.
Hugo Troll Race - classic runner in which you have to sit in the trolley main character and go in an endless race.In terms of game mechanics, developers borrowed key elements from the classic representatives of the genre, but it was not without innovation.For example this scene runner, each race is a little story of life Kuzi, rescue friends or battle against the sworn enemy.It is also worth noting the presence of mini-games, an excellent three-dimensional graphics, a variety of achievements, the development of character and vehicle.

Russian language: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: No
Startup cache: no

- Fixed bugs
- Fixed bugs

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