Hello Pal: Talk to the World

Hello Pal: Talk to the World
OS: Android 4.1

application focused on those who want to study their own language, and not the teachers or textbooks, but with real people, native language of interest.In this program, all of this occurs in a simple chat.You write a message in their native language, the program moves to the other, and the voice of the translation, and you can send both text and audio version messezhda.For the best understanding of the phrases provided phrasebook, which contains basic phrases that you can use at the beginning of the conversation, in which the section is specified as a literal translation of phrases and their literal meaning, which facilitates understanding and learning the language.At the moment, there is only conversation of the languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, and French, and in a beta version available Spanish and Korean.PAP works require a simple registration, or you can log into an existing Facebook account or Google.

Russian language: yes.

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