Hell Versus

Hell Versus
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Strategy

Tactical strategy of the genre Tower Defense every day to earn more and more popular even such monsters the game industry as a studio Alawar is not considered shameful not only releasing games in this genre, but also spend quite a bold experiment.
Hell Versus - a whole new perspective on the popular genre of one of the largest developers.This game is different from the classical representatives of a number of parameters, but in the beginning of the story.Some insidious demons, who found a way to profit from the underworld decided to artifacts stored in the historical museum.Since demons surfacing accompanied by the sea of ​​flame and fire, that were caused by the fire brigade, the head of one of these and you and will be.Using equipment for fire fighting your task is not to let the demons peretaskat artifacts.It will not be far from easy, because the location is an open playing field and monsters move as you like.

Russian language: no

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