GTA 3 Cheats

GTA 3 Cheats
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other

Now you can enter your favorite game Grand Theft Auto III Cheats on your Android device for free games! If you love the original game Grand Theft Auto 3 game, then you'll love GTA III Cheat button, which allows you to input all the same, you can enter cheats in GTA the original game using the onscreen keyboard, and a crib is available.


1. Open the application and press the start button.
2. Start the game.
3. While in the game press the new "Open Cheats" button at the top of the screen.
4. Find the cheat you want and click on it, it will appear in the "CLOSE Cheats" button.
5. Enter it using the on-screen keyboard that opens."Close Cheats", to remove it from the screen.
6. When you're done playing, you open the app again and click "Stop" to remove the "OPEN Cheats" button.In addition, it is possible to remove by clicking the "Click to remove the GTA III cheat button" notice. ...

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