Google Play Games

Google Play Games
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Entertainment
Tags: online

Google Play Games is a cult Android app from the creators of "green robot" - to Google. Google Play Geyms created in the first place, for those who like to have fun on your phone or tablet using the games.If we consider the fact that in them, at least occasionally, engaged in gaming virtually all mobile gadgets, the program becomes mandatory for downloading.

Prog is a special kind of social network, which are oriented game programs.Some entertainment products from Google's online store does not even be able to work without this bend.Using it, you can communicate with friends and "Game" with them online in multiplayer mode, keep track of your achievements, transferring accounts to other devices, and more.

Main functions:

Communicating with other users;Flexible Achievement( achievements);Transfer progress entertainment applications to another device;Player Rankings;Ability to play with friends in the "multiplayer";Access to paid and free games, reviews, and information on them directly in prog.

Skills and achievements Player divided according to genre and orientation programs.Thanks to this innovation, it became easier to search for new projects and analyze the gameplay. Application does not require special installation( everything happens in one click) and integrates with other Google services.It will take anyone with Android device to have at-least one entertainment program for gamers - just obligatory.Now your game will always be with you, regardless of device.

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