Google Photos

Google Photos
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Multimedia

This app started as a part sots.seti Google+, but at I / O 2015 the Corporation introduced its goodness as a separate service.The program synchronizes all photos that are linked to the same account, and provides access to them from any connected device, and the place is simply no restrictions: All images will be stored in the cloud in high quality.There is a built-in photo editor and so-called Assistant, which is to be started in automatic mode, collages, animation or video from your photos, here you can manage backup folders and organize photos.And the program can search for specific photos by keywords and organize photos by location and the people in the photo.

Russian language: yes.
- The auto-generated movies, you can add your music, photos and videos.
- to create a device folder you can rename or delete.
- To copy or move photos to SD-card, add a new folder for it.
- Holiday, trip or saturated output? Google Photos automatically gather your best photos from past events in a new album.
- Now in albums can be added to the card and signature, as well as to celebrate the filming locations.
- When editing photos all changes can be undone.
- Work with lots of pictures has become easier.
- Albums become even better
- When viewing search results, click on the icon ▼, to see all the photos of the day.
- Improved performance.

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