Gods of Rome

Gods of the Arena - entertaining fighting game from Gameloft the renowned studio.The eternal struggle between good and evil to a new level.The gods fight against the demons.From the first minutes of the game affects the quality of the character drawing and details levels.Everything worked out with incredible thoroughness.The special effects are striking in their entertainment, and the men just look impressive.The downside is the high demands on your Android ustroysva.All the beauty of the game you can only see on a really powerful device.The ancient world is ideal for those fights.Pvp battle with other players for the victory over which you will receive various rewards.

Russian language: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: No
Startup cache: no

- Fight in the great Chinese Pagoda and learn more about the mythology of the East
- Conquer new lands and make new side quests.
- you will find great hiking: free Olympus and Heaven!
- Behold the new warriors: Now in your army, you can win more than 30 fighters!
- The new chat feature will allow to communicate with any player.
- Communicate in Global chat privately or with friends.
- You'll find distant lands and new challenges!
- Play every week, and join forces with the great warriors!
- Greatly improved accuracy and management responsiveness.
- Increased breakthrough efficiency and protection.
- Improved training: New Olympians Now it will be easier to understand the wisdom of doing battle for Olympus!
- Bug fixes, optimization.

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Total: 168
Cache for the game Gods of Rome: from the archive folder to unpack /sdcard/Android/data/
- should get so /sdcard/Android/data/com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftGOHM/
- decompressed cache size 998 MB
- install apk, run the game!

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