Glory of Sparta!

Glory of Sparta!
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Arcade

Before you stands the king of Sparta!King tyrant of Persia, Xerxes against Greece gathered his dark legions!Our sacred duty is to protect Greece and direction to Hades his minions.Let zapechatleem in eternity the bravery and name of Sparta!

Application Features:

- 30 levels;

- 30 Persian types;

- 13 Spartan types( four historic hero characters);

- 12 skills( 4 passive, active 12);

- Improving the system level;

- Automatic actions;

- The game of fantasy;

- A combination of strategy and defense;

- Historical heroes( Agesilaus, Pausanias, Gylippus, Brasidas);

- Establish their camp with strategic flags.

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10 Mar180


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