GhostTown Adventures

GhostTown Adventures
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Other

GhostTown Adventures - an exciting adventure with a mysterious storyline.The history tells the story of a young girl, a witch, that following the unraveling of family secrets was in the mysterious Ghost Town.Here are all the ghosts live friendly and united the society, according to its own rules and laws.And so it was for a long time, but the city has a new ghost drama and everything went topsy-turvy.Newbie forces residents to fulfill his desire to play in the play of his statement and what it all will lead no one knows.What ghosts urgently need help and who cope with this task better than a young sorceress?
Overall GhostTown Adventures is a very interesting project with good graphics, gameplay, and understandably you guessed it a new and fascinating story.

Russian language: no

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7 Oct1220


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