OS: Android 2.1
Category: Other
Tags: donat, hd, online

Furbacca - interesting game application for Android, combines elements of several genres.Furbaka game is very popular and has a fun gameplay, attractive graphics and excellent voice acting.In addition, the program has low internal "stuffing" of tablet computers and smartphones, easy to operate, install and configure.

If we are to be precise, the gameplay is presented in Appendix largely recall the famous "Tamagotchi" or nineties Tom Cat for Android.Your ward this time becomes small animal unknown to science, than vaguely reminiscent of a kitten.Most likely he an alien from the distant cosmos.

It is around dearest beings who settled in the mobile device and the whole gameplay is built.Furbaka growls, publishes funny sounds and periodically asked to visit him.During the visits you have to solve a variety of tasks - to feed the little animals, drink it, cheer, finding a couple of new friends. For performing tasks and successful completion you can get a few coins and spend them to unlock new types of monsters and change their appearance.


Addictive gameplay Simple and intuitive controls Colorful graphics gorgeous voice

On control even say no, so it is simple.Just a couple of buttons used during gameplay, which allows the application to master even the smallest child.The installation program runs automatically and does not differ from the installation program «.apk». Toy enjoy casual fans, role-playing games, mobile Android device owners simply wanting to have fun.You will find a lot of interesting!

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