Flight Theory Flight Simulator

Flight Theory Flight Simulator - a great flight simulator for maize for android.You convenient control of the aircraft, different sites for take-off and landing, mission and tasks, set points and experience, as well as the excellent location and the beautiful environment!On your way - obstacles of varying difficulty, you need to fly, maneuvering and aerobatics in the calculation speed and the angle of the flap!To gain experience and improve the airplane, open a new model, airfields and challenging missions!A further selection of the time of day and on-line reaching around the world!

Russian language: yes
Support for installation on an external SD card: No

3.1ASD ASD 0 - Controller support Added Moga View Blog ASD ASD 13.0a
- Added 6 new aircraft
- Removed flaps
- Added brake
- Added retractable
Chassis - Redesigned gameplay

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