File Expert

File Expert
OS: Android 2.0
Category: System

File Expert - a powerful file manager for android devices with a wide range of options.A distinctive feature of this application it is such that the composition includes File Expert FTP-server, Web-server, SMB-client.
When you connect to a local network via Wi-Fi, you can allow access to specific folders on your smartphone via HTTP or FTP protocols.At the same time Vasa has the ability to easily create, view, delete files.Well, SMB-client gives the local network can access your files from android device through a wireless connection.

On the possibilities:
  • View your application icons, photos, videos.There is choice of encoding for text and zip files.
  • Possibility of sharing information by type( Pictures, Video, Music, Office documents, the APK, Archives)
  • Sharing on FTP / HTTP files on the phone
  • SMB Client to access the files on your computer, playback of streaming files inexternal player
  • application Manager.Install / Uninstall / Backup
  • Support Zip /Unzip/ Unrar( including viewing archives without unzipping)
  • support the ROOT, work with system files
  • Customizable interface on the control panel you can edit the top tabs to remove
  • support Bluetooth OBEX FTP sharing
  • Receiving / sending on the WiFi
  • files Support cloud storage( Dropbox,, KanBox, Sina VDisk, KDrive)

- Fixed bugs in the Android 4.3
- Fixed major bugs
- Various improvements
- Fixed bugs in the Android 4.3
- Fixed major bugs
- Various improvements

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