Family Locator / ZoeMob Family Locator

Family Locator / ZoeMob Family Locator
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Navigation

Family Locator - a useful program for Android device, which allows to keep track of the current-time location of family members location with help of GPS-tracking.Family Locator is different from the similar development of higher accuracy and positioning, easy handling, stability and performance.

Do you have small children and want to always know where they are?Now you only need to do a tablet or smartphone on the Android and submitted the application.Information about where the child will be displayed on the screen of the mobile device with reference to the map terrain.In addition, the software features allow you to quickly exchange text messages with family members, which makes it even more attractive to users.


Built-in maps, preserving the history of places users location in the mobile device memory function "Family messenger" makes it possible to send and receive text messages using the private channel alert about the speed of movement of the controlled object Notification of places - you will receive information about thewhen your child come to school or home

The program does not cause difficulties even for the novice user's smartphone or tablet.All information is displayed in easy to understand format.This program is fully worked both in portrait and landscape display location.

Installing software runs "on the machine", in minutes.The program in the first place will be of interest to parents who are in the care of children under the age of 18 years.Attention!For the normal functioning of the application is necessary to keep the GPS service has been consistently included.

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