explosive balls

explosive balls
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Explosive Balls - Balls are falling endlessly.The longer you play, the faster the new ones appear.
Your task is to allocate the same color balls.The more isolated and burst, the more points you get.
There is also a bonus balls:
  • Multishar - with it you can select a ball of any color.
  • Bomb - explodes around him all the balls.
  • Blue glowing - slows down over time.
  • White - the ball can burst all the balls of chosen color.
  • Black - absorbs in itself any balls for three seconds.
  • Meteor - clicking on a meteorite, it will fly up, playfield all the balls on the way.
For every ball you get a coin.For coins you can increase the chance of loss of bonus balls to + 50% chance.In the game there are winners board.Each user can see at what he place of all players on all platforms.Game balance under all types of permits for any screen resolution for all players an equal chance of winning.

Russian language: yes

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