Eufloria HD

Eufloria HD
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Adventure

Similar games amaze and fascinate.Looking at them, you realize that talented and gifted people worked on them.Nominations, international recognition, accolades from critics and many enthusiastic gamers - this index is determined successful projects.And all this at Eufloria in excess.
we play for a viable representatives of very kind of plants that originated on an unnamed planet, and quickly captured it.But genetic urge to reproduction and distribution of its kind, it requires continued colonization of the nearest suitable facilities for it, the now native home.But as often happens, the place is already taken.And tolerate your invasion no one is going, start a war to the bitter end.Also
long story mode, there are also others that maximize the full potential of the game and fully enjoy the process.And all this is done in a unique visualization style that will win any gamer.

Russian language: yes

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