EU 3D Flag Live Wallpaper / EU Flag

EU 3D Flag Live Wallpaper / EU Flag
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Live Wallpaper
Tags: 3d

High quality live wallpaper with the flag of the European Union!You are proud of the EU?Let the EU flag is in your smartphone!

Application Features:

- 3D-animation, real OpenGL.Not a video loop or animated GIF;

- Wallpaper fully interactive!To the European Union flag flew, just shake your phone or tap the touch screen;

- The anthem of the European Union;

- Background animation effects: floating clouds, starry night, snow, storm, etc.;

- Controlled lighting;

- Use your own photos as a background;

- Use as an anthem own audio file;

- Portrait mode and landscape;

- Optimized for tablets and smartphones.

Download Embellishments EU 3D Flag Live Wallpaper / EU Flag on android for free

13 Mar230


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