ES Chromecast plugin

ES Chromecast plugin
OS: Android 2.1
Category: File Management

ES Chromecast plugin «sharpened» the same name for a family of devices for Android, extends the functionality of ES File Explorer.Before installing C.p.nalisie must be greater than the specified ES FE!In the appendage to fnogofunktsionalnomu conductor you have an excellent gratuitous addition.Sam filemanager otsenёn Explorer for a long time: in the kit to the Route-perhaps he playfully works with archives and media.


incomplete( yet?) Omnivorous.After losing the video.mkv, smartphone upset the lack of support.avi.Incomprehensible traction media twist on a half-turn or turn( quirk depends on the device).Especially streaming content."Thoughtful" flipping gallery.

Most problems solved settings fans ES C-pl.strongly advised to install it.Unpleasant hardware incompatibility( Hromkast not all!) - Just an excuse to freshen park gadgets!

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