Empire VS Orcs

Empire VS Orcs
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Strategy

Empire VS Orcs - this strategy is in the best traditions of the genre.On your empire attacked vicious orcs, and other vermin.How here not to defend the state.According to ancient legend come once a hero who will save everyone!This hero and you have to be.Correctly and wisely arrange the troops in front of the castle, to inflict maximum damage to the enemy attacking - combine their army -. Archers, infantry, cavalry, artillery, etc. Interestingly, in this game you can not only defend but also to attack.With that look, that your castle is not left without protection, and then can not escape troubles!
And of course, you can pump your units, buy them directly during the battle( though if you have something).As you progress in the war against the invaders, you will get more and more strong and powerful capabilities and skills!
Well, among other things, offers great effects, graphics and scenes of combat!

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