Dungeon Legends

Once there were times in which RPG presented to players in the form of hours of adventure, with long dialogues, mountains items, dozens of characters and it does not matter in which the game world the action takes place.Eventually rolevki somewhat modified and the emphasis on the designers began to make dynamic gameplay and good graphics.
Dungeon Legends - just because of role-playing games of the second type.You have to play as a gnome who was time to go on a treasure hunt, in order to prove to everyone and to himself that he deserves to be called a dwarf.In general, the game is a classic RPG action game with excellent graphics and dynamics.Got Dungeon Legends and already the usual co-op mode where you can play together with your friends, it was not without the online arena, and here you can just posrazhatsya with other players.

Russian language: yes

- Bug fixes and system optimization
- Bug fixes and system optimization
- Bug fixes and system optimization

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