Draw Mortal Kombat battle

Draw Mortal Kombat battle
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Entertainment

Draw Mortal Kombat battle for Android - is a useful application for those who want to draw a battle between the heroes of the popular game.It is the only tool that helps draw favorite characters Mortal Combat.

Draw Mortal Kombat battle in adroid easy, because:

soderozhit each class from 25 to 30 detailed instructions for drawing;red cursor will be your guide;You can increase the required area;work will need only a pencil and a blank sheet of paper;you will be able to portray different battles( Scorpion, Kenshi, Ermac, Cyrax, and others.).

Tool will be useful to all fans of the game, creative people and those who want to seek knowledge of new knowledge.Scoring his android memory of this program is not necessary for those who are absolutely indifferent to the MC or unwilling to grasp the art of drawing. This drawing tool is simple and straightforward, so the problems with its installation and use does not occur even in children.

Sometimes users might be interested in the answers to such questions

Is it really so easy, you can learn to draw your favorite characters?

- Yes, step by step lessons served so simple and clear that even a child can understand.

I get the resulting image in color or it will be done in pencil?

- Lessons allow you to create characters in black and white, but you will be able to decorate them.

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