doubleTwist Alarm Clock

doubleTwist Alarm Clock
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Widgets

Alarm Clock by doubleTwist - a wonderful, intuitive and highly functional alarm clock.

  • 2 clock mode: flip-clock( Flip) and analog clock.
  • 2 awakening mode: time( set by you) and the sleep cycle( the optimal time of awakening in accordance with the sleep cycle).
  • setting multiple alarms.
  • installation repetitive signals( on weekdays, on weekends, etc.).
  • setting and displaying the time until the next scheduled signal.
  • to select one of the built-in signal or wake up to your favorite song or playlist( trebuetsyaDoubleTwist Player - it directly from the app can be downloaded).
  • alarm volume gradually increases.
  • set custom labels for your alarms.
  • minimum consumption of battery life.
Russian language: custom translation

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