Doctor Who - The Mazes of Time

Doctor Who - The Mazes of Time
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade
Tags: 3d

Doctor Who - The Mazes of Time - you in the role of the doctor in time travel.Hoping to save a poor family from an evil far.You will constantly fight with the enemies, solve puzzles.

initial set of levels is free, will in future be available for purchase Level-packs.Each pack will open a new set of levels, new monsters and testing.

  • Travel through time and space through seven unique locations and over 100 levels
  • increases the complexity surrounding the puzzles make to strain your mind and reflexes

  • Play as the Doctor and his companion Amy Pond, using their uniqueskills and ability to solve certain tasks

  • Daleks, Cybermen and Silurians - each with their own unique behavior that requires different strategies and tricks for successful completion of levels

  • Authentic music from the show

  • wide range of achievementsOpenFeint

Download Games Doctor Who - The Mazes of Time on android for free

10 Jun2640


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