Desert Stormfront

Desert Stormfront on android - Feel the sand on the teeth in the second part of the storm front.This time the action takes place in the desert, as you already understood.So the Middle East meets your sand island surrounded by sea waters.Begin to build your empire, develop it, seize new land full of oil - the main wealth!Do not forget - the stronger and technologically more developed you are, the easier it is to maintain its domination of the conquered land.This does not prevent new and powerful pieces of equipment - from the ground to the surface and underwater!Toy dark:
  • choose the country for which you play - the United States, England, France, Italy, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Afghanistan, each of which has its own special combat equipment
  • choose the game mode - Campaign and Free Playwith a choice of options for the game the number of players to the area
  • multiplayer via LAN and multiplayer over the Internet
  • card generator stats and achievements
and you will find a variety of mission - the destruction of the enemy, capture the flag, protection against attacking troops, the convoy -sea ​​and land as well as sea and air battles, and tank battles.

Russian language: yes

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