Defense Matrix Invasion / Matrix Defense: Invasion

Defense Matrix Invasion / Matrix Defense: Invasion
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Arcade
Tags: donat, hd

In fact, this special edition of the zerg must die.We have altered the system to adjust the level of difficulty and add more cards.Defense Matrix: Alien Invasion is a 3D defense / TD game with a game mode very similar to Defense Grid.Defense Grid Fans should not miss this.

In this game you take on the role of the Terran base commander 51 on the planet - a planet full of clean energy with crystal mines.
But the alien was looking at here.They will spare no effort for the occupation of the area.Your mission is to protect the crystals to their base, they will provide energy to supply the wormhole, which connects the planet Earth, and you have to keep the wormhole generator power, so that we can send reinforcements to you as soon as possible.But before that, you have to build a matrix of towers to resist the invasion of alien.

Features: 1. Various
weapons include future the SAM, plasma weapons, satellite laser balsam, electromagnetic weapons and more.
2. 21 individually decorated amazing maps, from a mysterious alien planet in space.
3.Rezhim games just like Defense Grid, there is almost no mobile games, only more interesting.
4. 6 specially designed towers, each of them has 7 levels.
5. 3 game modes to challenge yourself.
6. 32 medals waiting for you to achieve
7. Weapons Lab to enhance your weapons and make the game more fun.

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