Dash till Puff 2


BADLAND, Geometry Dash, Bean Dreams, Dash till Puff undoubtedly these names are familiar to many owners of Android - devices and not only fans plaformerov.What unites many would seem different games?Well, of course it's all platformers.What else?Hardcore gameplay, which has a special magic, because of the high complexity requires patience, time and perseverance.Something else?Of course simple operation, usually with one finger.
Dash till Puff 2 - the second part of the popular hardcore platforming, made in the best traditions of the genre.Great music and stylized graphics complement the overall picture of the game.You may ask, is it worth to play Dash till Puff 2, it has already been mentioned above.And if you are not afraid of difficulties, you want to win and put a couple of records to beat other players that this game is an excellent tool for this.

Russian language: no

- Fixed bugs
- new unique world
- New unlockable avatars
- Fixed bugs

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