Cryptic Escape

Cryptic Escape
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Puzzle

Cryptic Escape - an exciting adventure in which you will find yourself in a medieval dungeon and will look for a way out of it.Wander through the dark corridors and solve challenging puzzles, and look for clues that will help you discover all the cameras.If you go to a dead end and do not know what to do next, use the tips system or see your location on the map.

  • interesting and exciting plot
  • More than 70 non-recurring items
  • system
  • tips log of your discoveries
  • Map your location
  • Automatic saving products

Russian language: no

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5 Oct800


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Person: The History
Person: The History

Help the little man to get through the black-and- white world to light and colors! Interact with the items, do not miss anything and turn brains to the full! - The only way to achieve the goal. And then there are fun mini - games!

24 Sep280
crossword puzzle
crossword puzzle

What is there to add - the name speaks for itself. You will find 90 different skanvordov.

1 Sep540
The Moron Test
The Moron Test

Excellent puzzle with a selective sense of humor. Take the test on Idiot!

29 Sep80