Crazy Goat Rampage Sim 3D

Crazy Goat Rampage Sim 3D
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Simulators

Goat Simulator or goat simulator - the famous game studio from Coffee Stain Studios.The project itself was conceived as a parody of the modern game, but who would have thought that she earns so popular.
course such an interest on the part of the gaming audience could not go unnoticed developers and smaller began to copy the famous project.Most of the unique crafts is a very low quality, but there are also quite good clones such as Crazy Goat Rampage Sim 3D.
Crazy Goat Rampage Sim 3D - arcade game in which you have to manage a mad goat, destroy, carry, butt, but actually do anything he wants.This project turned out less varied and more than the original arcade.So I think it will find its audience.

Russian language: no

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