Corre, Danilo, Corre!

Corre, Danilo, Corre!
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Arcade

protagonist of the new horizontal Rahner called Corre, Danilo, Corre!I made a small name Danilo Gentili.As you know the jokes are funny, not funny, witty, silly, and sometimes even cruel.So our hero can not completely control himself and jokes left and right, and in most cases very poorly.And then one day the cup of patience overflowed citizens and they decided to teach a lesson to the joker, good to yield to it.Danilo, as most people like a warehouse, not extremely daring, so I decided to just run away.It is worth noting that he was a mediocre runner, but the power of fear gave him speed.After all, that does not make running away from the angry mob.
And so, we have an exciting runner, with a simple but fascinating story, gameplay and a classic character for whom desperately need your help.

Russian language: no

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25 Aug130


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