Cool Cubes

Cool Cubes
OS: Android 2.3.5
Category: Arcade

Cool Cubes - in this colorful and lively arcade game you will get a charge of good mood and positive emotions.The bottom line is that in a hot sunny day, enjoy tea with lemon and ice cubes.Exactly this and you will do - preparing tea.All you need - is to accelerate your ice cube, which is going through a difficult path across the kitchen table, gather along the leaves of mint and lemon.But remember that the piece of ice can melt, so the acceleration is to be given reasonable - more fellow all along the way and at the same time to reach the goal.12 levels of fun-filled gameplay and a lot of obstacles will give you a game on the customer - the brand Lipton!

Russian language: no
Support for installation on an external SD card: No

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25 Sep230


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Interesting arcade game in overcoming various obstacles in its path.

18 Jul310
Super Penguins
Super Penguins

Genre games for android - runner. And as you guessed it, you have to run and collect bonuses and diversified. And the storyline you have to save the little penguin Durza.

14 Jul180