Clarence Blamburger

Clarence Blamburger
OS: Android 4.0
Category: Adventure

Clarence Blamburger - new arcade project from one of the top developers.I must admit that in itself idea of ​​the game is not new, but in fact was created Clarence Blamburger in Cartoon Network and that's it.
And so, action game revolves around two friends, one of whom, Clarence decided to eat, and dress impressive burger sizes, his unruly friend named Sumo at this time blew the kitchen fireworks and as a consequence all the ingredients flew into the air and now Clarence is necessary to theircatch while avoiding falling at times explosive objects.
Dynamic gameplay, great hand-drawn graphics, simple controls, amusing characters, hilarious situations, all this creates a unique atmosphere inherent in all projects Cartoon Network.

Russian language: no

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