Cialdini.Psychology of influence.

Cialdini.Psychology of influence.
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"Psychology of influence" is known and recommended as one of the best textbooks on social psychology, conflict resolution, management of all Western, and now the domestic psychologists.Book Robert Cialdini withstood four editions in the United States, its circulation exceeded one and a half million copies.This work, captivating the reader's easy style and a spectacular presentation of the material, is nevertheless a serious difficulty in which the mechanisms of motivation, information, learning and decision-making are analyzed on the most modern scientific level.

There is no doubt that this book will not only take its rightful place in the library of the social psychologist, but also help in the work of managers, educators, policy makers and all those who by occupation is to persuade, influence, influence. Robert Cialdini - professor of psychology at the University of Arizona in the Temple, a specialist in the field of experimental and social psychology.

Tapping the screen will appear at the bottom of the menu book.
- Choice of colors of the background and text.
- Slider adjustable brightness and automatic checkbox.
- Change the font style.
- Ability to select the font size for easier reading.

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