Cava Racing

Cava Racing
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Arcade

Cava Racing - futuristic race with a rather unusual gempleem combines elements of tactics and hardcore.You have to sit at the helm of a spaceship and take part in races on the dynamic several tens of tracks.Sami track in the form of intricate mazes, resembling cosmic cave.The entire route is in addition to the intricate moves, still dotted with teleports, throws you in various locations of the cave, and given that the races are held on the spacecraft speed of the game simply outrageous.Of course the developers did not take into account the high complexity of the game and added the ability to control the selection, after taking part in the race you will be able to compare their records with those of other players, and who knows maybe you will get to the top leaders.A wide choice of spaceships, lots of tracks, original visual design, dynamic and addictive gameplay all that awaits you in the racing game Cava Racing for Android.

Russian language: no

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