Caring Bears: Leisure

Caring Bears: Leisure
OS: Android 2.3
Category: Other
Tags: girls


Caring Bears: Rainbow leisure!The most fascinating app of all time "Caring Bears"!Explore 9 gorgeous rainbow world of gaming centers "Caring Bears" with 50 lessons in Dobrolyandii!Enjoy arts and crafts, bake cakes in the kitchen, write music and swim together with your loved ones caring bears!

Rainbow Leisure - join caring Bruins!Play the most fun games in Dobrolyandii!Discover the joy of caring and creativity with their favorite soft bears!

Art Center: Help make grumblers prizes for the festival!Use rainbow colors to create your own masterpiece!Inflating the ball, draw posters, decorate cupcakes and more!

Culinary fun: The hour has come something to eat in the kitchen!Bake the cake with a cutie!Mix the ingredients, bake a cake and treats friends!

Music Hour: Spread the joy of music and sounds!At the Harmony to play an instrument, write music and move under his drum sounds!

Garden delights: Play in the garden!Plant flowers - let your beautiful garden grow!Rainbow will not wait in the garden - go play with him!

Party in the pool to jump into the pool with the Tram-pam-pam and play with it!Do not forget to grab goggles and swimming circle!There's nothing like swimming on a hot summer day!

Clinic "Caring Bears": Ray fell, he needs your help!Ensure there is a ray of help medical instruments and the best medicine!

Swim time: Swimming with Lyuboznaykoy - it is fun!My your favorite bear caring soap, shampoo with a mass of foam!


Choose your caring bear Choose your Game Center "Caring Bears" Play with cartoon caring bears Plug nabryushnye icons on caring Mishka forth the beauty of cupcakes and more bathe his caring bear Bake cake

What's inside:

Soft caring Bears of 99 pieces of gaming centers "Caring bears» Rainbow Activity: over 50 sessions 9 charming scenes More than 10 items for drawing 5 medical instruments "Caring bears"

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19 Jan100


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