OS: Android 4.1
Category: Entertainment

Cardboard - revolutionary Android-prog. Feeling after use can not be described in words.It should just feel it.Of course, we still have to make some changes in the program, but the effect is breathtaking even now.We can only guess about what will happen after two - three global updates. In order to get into virtual reality, not necessarily to buy expensive top box and glasses for the fabulous price.Any smartphone can become your glasses with the program Kardboard and elementary points that you can buy for a penny in Google, or even do it yourself.

Program has several demo mode that allows you to enjoy all the benefits and possibilities of the technology.You can get a tour, traveling through the land, and much more. .. just a fairy tale. In addition, the program allows you to find other special software for virtual reality.She becomes the first assistant in the study of this new world, and most importantly - it is possible to view a normal content!One needs only to correctly configure, enable, and can be enjoyed.

Overestimate this softinu very difficult.It opens the door to each user to a new and little-investigated Virtual world, where content and interact with it - it's a completely different concept.Make yourself a present - make a virtual reality glasses, set a program and go to a new stage of technological evolution, apnite your shifted to the Left.Remember that sense of reality is lost and does not use the device in potentially hazardous locations.

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15 Apr960


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