OS: Android 2.2
Category: Multimedia

CameraX - an excellent program for Android that provides your camera the ability to quickly set up and slow-motion, as well as many other things that may not have been typical of your camera.

  • Geo Marking
  • ISO
  • White Balance
  • Flash
  • Measurement
  • quality photos
  • shutter sound
  • Scenes
  • Tools image management( exposure, brightness, saturation, accuracy, contrast)
  • image zoom
  • Focus
  • Color effects

Additional features:
  • Anti-Shake: take clear pictures in every situation
  • Self-Timer
  • time-lapse: record cool time-lapse picture series
  • bracketing: make up to 5 pictures with different exposures to create HDRs( manually)
  • Compass
  • normal way
  • Work mgorizont / level: align your pictures correctly to the horizon
  • Speed ​​shooting: make as many shots as you want anda rate which is possible

Russian language is not known.

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18 Mar6450


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