Call of Mini Zombies / Call of Mini: Zombies

Call of Mini Zombies / Call of Mini: Zombies
OS: Android 2.0
Category: Arcade

Call of Mini Zombies - fun and addictive shooter on Android from the well-known developer. Graphics and visual design as usual nak height.User waiting for a full three-dimensional image, excellent texture and brightest animation.It is safe to talk about the desktop or console picture quality. Management can hardly be called easy, but you get used to it quickly and it will last the special causes.

In the beginning, we are greeted by the classic story zombiapokalipsisa.The inhabitants of a small town suddenly started to turn into a zombie.The few survivors took up arms and began to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Can not fail to please a wide palette of choice of weapons and characters.Of course everyone has their own special abilities and specialization.Where else can you chop the living dead lightsaber - only Call of Mini Zombie.

Several gaming modes, online multiplayer and a whole bunch of all implemented in the game.Zombies also many different - as many as 17 types with unique skills.Maps not too little - 14, with it quite spacious and playable.It is noticeable that the developers have created a professional product. Optimization is good, three-dimensionality, of course, imposes "the mark", but not particularly FPS sags and game does not become less enjoyable.Bugs and glitches, too, is not observed. Donat is, but its presence is almost unnoticed.


the highest level of graphics;Good playability;The original gameplay;Weight weapons, units, enemies and maps;Suitable native management;The integration into the network and maintaining progress in the cloud;Quality optimization;Easy installation.

Just a great shooter, which will be appreciated by all fans of active gaming.If your gadget at least ten years, and he still shows signs of life - immediately install!

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