Bull Simulator

Bull Simulator
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Simulators

Bull Simulator / Simulator byka- Another simulator animals on android.This time you have to go in the skin of the bull.Run around the city beat anything you want horns or lick before losing momentum.In this game there will be strange to see a flying bull, because then you can do anything!Do not forget to fight against the evil aliens, throw them in the materials at hand, or zashvyrni in them himself.I imagine the expression aliens when they see them flying ox!=)

  • It's a crazy game that you should explore.
  • Turn into a mad bull, joined the fight against the aliens.
  • Rvis on a break, fly and walk on the walls, no other bull will not be able to stop you.
  • There are so many delicious, such as the alien brain.
  • If nothing is there, you will surely die if you eat, it is also not necessarily survive.
  • Main goal of the game - to survive.

Russian language: no

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