Book of Heroes

Book of Heroes
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Rpg
Tags: donat, online

Book of Heroes offers to write his story of the hero in an RPG for android.First of all, to choose their own, the hero - the color of the skin, hair, body structure, facial features, and more.Then you get to know the residents of the city, which clearly need your help.Here you are waiting for clues, and the first mission, as without it, the first weapons and armor.Then you go to the caves and dungeons to fight monsters and pr.vragami.There you can find valuable artifacts, which will add you experience points and skills.Themselves fights take place step by step, because this part is called the card RPG.Unique is that you can choose your strategy and apply several attacks.For example, the first freeze of the enemy, and then - a poisonous punch that would take his life throughout the fight.Or, after freezing to replenish their lost HP, and it does not lose at the reception door.Magical spells and superudarov through the roof!have time to use them all and try!

- Increased inventory space
- New daily quests
- New shares
- Fixed bugs

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