Bomberman vs Zombies

Bomberman vs Zombies
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Arcade

When night falls, and people fall asleep dreaming of tomorrow, zombie artful detachment landed on Earth to turn it into a Zombie-World.But their plans went awry - they interfere with the brave Bomberman, who is always ready to help!In
Bomberman vs Zombies game the main character lives 5.To pass the level you need to destroy all the zombies and find a key in one of the boxes and open the hatch.Luke - is the transition to the next level.So, you will have: zombies and bats, coffins and skulls.

  • zombie with artificial intelligence;
  • 3 types of zombies( fast, slow, teleporting);
  • bonuses and antibonusy;
  • different types of bombs;
  • OpenFeint Leaderboard and Achievements.

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