BlockLauncher in Russian

BlockLauncher in Russian
OS: Android 2.0
Category: Rest

BlockLauncher Pro in Russian is required for installation to everyone who plays on your device in Minecraft PE.This Android application will significantly extend the functionality of the original game. If you like the "Pocket Maynkraft" and play it for a long time, it is clearly appropriate to ask questions about the installation of various improvements and patches.This application is just for this.It makes it easy, just a few clicks, tap the desired add-on and immediately proceed to the gameplay.

What can be installed using BlokLauncher Pro:

• Mobs;

• Texture;

• server IP;

• Addons.

Using the program is very simple.After loading on the Android device launch it.The user just enters the Maynkraft.It is here, right from the game, you need to install the add-on.This makes the application very user friendly and easy to configure.

To install the mobs, the texture, the IP server or add-ons on the start screen, press the button in the form of a wrench.Next you need to choose what kind of add-ons will be installed.When you only find previously downloaded supplement.Installation will take place automatically.

Removal is similar.Only when the desired file on your device, such as fashion, press the "delete".

This program is able to quickly and efficiently transform your Maincraft on android, so for all fans of the game - «must have».It should be remembered that for add-ons you need to enter it through the launcher Maynkraft themselves additions should be stored on the memory card.

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