BlingBoard: Social Widget

BlingBoard: Social Widget
OS: Android 2.2
Category: Widgets
Tags: widget

BlingBoard it all in one social widget that combines the missed calls, SMS, Gmail, Twitter and Facebook widgets in one widget on Android home screen.With BlingBoard You can stay up to date with your friends, colleagues and family, and to communicate with them quickly and effortlessly. It's free, fun and easy to use!

2 widget sizes:
4x2 widget containing messages
Notification Widget 4x1

What social NOTICE
- Missed calls
- SMS messages
- Gmail unread
- Facebook news feeds( by analogy with theFacebook widget)
- Twitter channel elements( similar to a Twitter widget)

to instantly
- Dial to your missed calls
- The answer to the SMS-messages
- Launch Gmail
- Facebook: Check references directly from the widget( YouTube videos will start YouTube, etc.).
- Twitter: Checking references directly from tweets
- Just run the application related, where there is no notification.

Easy on the eyes: Designed from the ground up, with simplicity in mind, without sacrificing functionality.

HOW TO INSTALL: Once downloaded BlingBoard you need to add a widget on your desktop.On the home screen: Menu & gt;Add & gt;Widgets & gt;BlingBoard.

- Up to 20 messages / channel elements for each tab
- Up to 140 characters for each message / feed
- SMS: SMS only new messages will be displayed, SMS messages to BlingBoard settings will not be displayed

Download Embellishments BlingBoard: Social Widget on android for free

22 Mar970


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