Baby Care - Kid blog!

Baby Care - Kid blog!
OS: Android 2.1
Category: Health

Follow the development of the child, the best companion for demanding parents!Baby Care monitors the feeding, sleeping, toilet and other parameters of your baby.It supports multiple modes of reminders, helps parents / babysitters time to carry out all the necessary procedures.You can also keep a diary of a child, add a photo, record a voice and send it all to friends.

. Vnesenie data on the number of children
. A create multiple widgets( for each child) on the main screen
. Polzovatelsky icon baby
. Registratsiya baby mood, breast feeding, bottle feeding, feeding, sleeping,toilet in the large / in the small, health, hygiene, vaccinations, taking medicines, teething and many other
. Otslezhivanie child's growth( weight, height, head circumference).Tracking consumption of milk

statistical tables
. Kormlenie breast / bottle feeding / lure / diapers / sleep / wake / milk consumption table
. Svodnaya table
temperature. Grafik
. Grafik teething

distribution curve
. Rost/ weight / head circumference - distribution curve by date of birth / date of birth( for a premature baby)
compare data growth of your baby with the recommendations of the WHO / Centers for therapeutic and preventive care.


Calendar of the Daily Statistics Compare current data with the data of the previous 7 days Blog View stories and chronicles Gallery Recording child voices large number of different types of reminders to friends Send the information about the child through SMS /Facebook/Twitter/ Email, etc.Send the information about the child's growth submit journal Child Development to submit a photo and voice recording of the child Make a backup copy of the data on the SD memory card Recover data from backup

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